Get To Know More About GLOWDEP

GLOWEDEP stands for Global Women Development Promoters. It stands for all inclusive development from a Gender perspective.  GLOWDEP is a registered Non- Governmental Organization, established in April 2005 and has a business commencement certificate on 27th April 2005.

It is an NGO with special focus on  development of  girls and women ,but believes in gender equity at all levels for sustainable development.

Keeping modern societies vibrantly cohesive for meaningful life on earth has been a major problem  of governments  of modern states and nations. Thus, the need for organized group of persons to lead in the provision of guide, towards the welfare of the earth and its inhabitants.

Development interest groups such as GLOWDEP seeks to supplement the actions of central  governments of modern states, to zero in on identifiable  marginalized groups.

Realizing that women are indispensable in ensuring a perfect world; GLOBAL WOMEN DEVELOPMENT PROMOTERS (GLOWDEP) has been formed to zero in on women and all activities that their functional roles in the struggle to ensure a perfect habitable world.

Women constitute more than a half of the world’s population and yet, their role, contributions to world leadership and development fields are un acceptably low. GLOWDEP has positioned itself to play a role in raising the image of women.A perfect relationship is required between men and women for a perfect habitable earth, GLOWDEP has strategize to factor in this natural phenomenon to promote accelerated development in such a way that people of the earth, and their totality on earth world become central to all activities.



Our Main Areas Of Operation

Our areas of expertise include :

  • Mentoring and Training of young Water Professionals
  • Community Mobilization, Engagement and Training for Sustainable WASH Projects and Programmes.
  • WASH Governance for sustainable WASH projects and Programmes, with emphasis on ALL Gender inclusiveness
  • Training in employable skills such as poultry production and vegetable production.
  • Youth Development through Career Counseling and Mentoring.

Our Aims


GLOWDEP was established to enhance the capacity of African people, in particular women to participate effectively in development from a gender perspective.




The core Objectives of GLOWDEP’S programmes are to:

  • To promote gender issues in a manner that enhance development through advocacy programmes
  • To promote women participation in development processes through skills training and voluntarism.
  • To promote Environmental education which lead s to sustainable WASH Service Delivery, since WATER IS LIFE.
  • To sensitize women on issues of family planning and HIV/ AIDS and its associate consequences on women and their children in particular