Ms. Esenam Ahiadorme


Esenam Ahiadorme holds a Bachelor’s degree Social Work and Sociology from the University of Ghana, MBA with specialisation in Project Management from Wisconsin University College International, Accra and MSc in Global Ageing and Policy from Southampton University, U.K. She also holds a diploma in adult education from the University of Ghana and Teacher’s Certification from Jasikan Teacher Training College. Esenam has over 12 years work experience in the development sector and work around both local and national governance issues. She is a gender and human rights activists who had carried out numerous public education programmes on women’s rights issues and trained over 1000 women and men in leadership, gender, Human Rights, domestic and gender based violence. She has extensive knowledge on the family laws of Ghana including the Domestic Violence Act, 2007, (Act 732), the Wills Act among others. Esenam has managed several project and with over 10 years management, advocacy, public relations, governance and programme coordination experience.

She is a dedicated professional who coordinate and execute all activities with a primary focus on the achievement of goals and objectives of the project. Provide oversight responsibility of the activities of community volunteers and partners and also provide leadership and direction in overseeing the performance of over 30 volunteer groups including farmer groups across diverse programme area in 15 districts of 5 regions of Ghana.  Esinam is a trainer of Trainers who supported VSLA trainings.

She has in-depth knowledge and experience in leading advocacy, communications, facilitating dialogue, building relationships and strategic alliances with donors, government, civil society, media and relevant stakeholders.

She has championed the development of many manuals under human rights, Gender and leadership etc