Our Partners

GLOWDEP Partnerships With Other Organizations

The Global Women Development Promoters (GLOWDEP) from time to time partners with other local non-governmental organisations (NGOs) in the water and sanitation sector (WASH) to deliver quality results and impact to its key stakeholders and beneficiaries. This also enables the organisation to share best practices with other players in the sector.

Over the years, GLOWDEP has partnered with

  • MDF West Africa, A Dutch- Based International Development Organisation
  • Africa Development Bank (AfDB)
  • Ghana Water Company (GWC)
  • Dutch Water Partners
  • Water Health Ghana Limited
  • Afrowood Consulting Limited, A private water engineering consulting firm
  • Impact Ghana, an NGO in the WASH Sector.
  • Women Mentoring Women Ghana
  • Beyonders Foundation
  • International Youth Fellowship
  • Tongu Students Union and Associates
  • Virtuous Girls Club


With Specific reference to the Ghana WASH window (GWW), GLOWDEP will partner with Impact Ghana in order to tap into the experiences and networks of Impact Ghana so as to ensure quality service delivery. Kindly find attached the profile of Impact Ghana.